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The Remedy for Air Pollution in British Columbia

The beautiful Province of British Columbia (B.C.) is surrounded by the splendid Rocky Mountains. B.C. is located on the North Pacific Ocean which makes this province an ideal spot to live because of it’s modest climate. However, there is another reality for inhabitants of the British Columbia which is caused by air pollution, and this has a direct effect on the quality of life for many residence of B.C.

There are internal and external factors which are contributing to air pollution in B.C. The internal factors are rooted within the Province; such as, automobiles, trucks, marine vessels in coastal waters, agricultural such as manure spreading equipment, and home heating appliances. The external factors are rooted in the Province of Alberta. External factors include things such as volcanic eruptions from Mount Saint Helen, which is located in the State of Washington in the US. Mount Saint Helen releases different gases which are contributing to air pollution in B.C. Obviously, air pollution has no boundary, and it would travel from one place to another place, which is effecting everyone. Despite, all the above bad news, there are good news about the air pollution in the B.C. On August 06th, 2009 Honorable Barry Penner inaugurated “Wind Power” clean source of energy in the City of Dawson Creek. These “Wind Powers” generate electricity for 38,000 residences, and provided employment opportunities for First Nations, and creating vibrant rural economies.1

As a result, there is a need for more human intervention in environmental issues in order to reduce the degree of air pollution, which is the primary goal of Eco Trek Tours Society by educating youths about environmental issues so that they can learn, think, and act clean and sustainable environment.

1> 16 October 2009


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