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US politics and Global Warming

The United State of America ranked seventh in energy consumption per-capita for using fossil fuels in 2005.1 The US Department of Energy reported that 40% of the energy was coming from petroleum, 23% from coal, 23% from natural gas, and 8.4% from nuclear power.2 The above variables clearly indicated that the US energy consumption was contributing to air pollution which was a serious threat to environment, and required attention of the US dignitaries to contain the air pollution for good.

The US’s Power House in Capitol Hill introduced the concept of Emission Trading or Cap-and-Trade System to control air pollution by providing economic incentives to the private sectors that they were contributing to the air pollution. On January 28th, 2005 the US pledged to the United Nations that, in 2020, it would reduce its greenhouse gas emission by 17%.3 However, the US backed away from its promise to the United Nations due to a recent discovery that the earth temperature was not rising, and there was a 71% increase in temperatures in 2008 and a 57%increase last year, so temperatures are still increasing but at a decreasing rate.4 The above news began to change public opinion in the US about global warming. It appeared to the public that global warming was not an issue to be worry about. Plus, the US economy was performing poorly, public was more interested in their own immediate financial well being as “85% told Gallup that the government should place a higher priority on fixing the economy, with only 12% saying the opposite.”5

Enter Maria Cantwell senator from Washington state decided to architect bill of Emission Trading into Cap and Dividend. This new bill of Maria Cantwell “would impose a ceiling on carbon emissions each year,”6 and every party which was involved in fossil fuels would buy a permit in auction.7 Consequently, the price of permit would go-up.8 Waxman-Markey stated permits would given with individuals who had political power, and those individuals that they did not have political power would be left out of permit.9

The bottom line, the US needed to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 17% regardless of the recent discovery that the earth temperature was falling, and the US economy was performing poorly because Canada was sharing a border with the US, and Canadians were inhaling the US toxic fumes which were causing health, and environmental problems for Canadians. Most importantly, the earth temperature was falling due to hard labor of non profit organizations which were geared toward environmental issues educated public about global warming, and public took initiative to reduce consumption of fossil fuels. Let’s do it, let’s reduce that greenhouse gas emission for future of humanity.


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