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US politics and Global Warming

The United State of America ranked seventh in energy consumption per-capita for using fossil fuels in 2005.1 The US Department of Energy reported that 40% of the energy was coming from petroleum, 23% from coal, 23% from natural gas, and 8.4% from nuclear power.2 The above variables clearly indicated that the US energy consumption was contributing to air pollution which was a serious threat to environment, and required attention of the US dignitaries to contain the air pollution for good.

The US’s Power House in Capitol Hill introduced the concept of Emission Trading or Cap-and-Trade System to control air pollution by providing economic incentives to the private sectors that they were contributing to the air pollution. On January 28th, 2005 the US pledged to the United Nations that, in 2020, it would reduce its greenhouse gas emission by 17%.3 However, the US backed away from its promise to the United Nations due to a recent discovery that the earth temperature was not rising, and there was a 71% increase in temperatures in 2008 and a 57%increase last year, so temperatures are still increasing but at a decreasing rate.4 The above news began to change public opinion in the US about global warming. It appeared to the public that global warming was not an issue to be worry about. Plus, the US economy was performing poorly, public was more interested in their own immediate financial well being as “85% told Gallup that the government should place a higher priority on fixing the economy, with only 12% saying the opposite.”5

Enter Maria Cantwell senator from Washington state decided to architect bill of Emission Trading into Cap and Dividend. This new bill of Maria Cantwell “would impose a ceiling on carbon emissions each year,”6 and every party which was involved in fossil fuels would buy a permit in auction.7 Consequently, the price of permit would go-up.8 Waxman-Markey stated permits would given with individuals who had political power, and those individuals that they did not have political power would be left out of permit.9

The bottom line, the US needed to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 17% regardless of the recent discovery that the earth temperature was falling, and the US economy was performing poorly because Canada was sharing a border with the US, and Canadians were inhaling the US toxic fumes which were causing health, and environmental problems for Canadians. Most importantly, the earth temperature was falling due to hard labor of non profit organizations which were geared toward environmental issues educated public about global warming, and public took initiative to reduce consumption of fossil fuels. Let’s do it, let’s reduce that greenhouse gas emission for future of humanity.


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The 2010 Vancouver Green Olympic

The 2010 Vancouver Olympic will be unlike any other Winter Olympics held before. The 2010 Vancouver Olympic will be contributing to a green and clean environment. The organizers have planned to reduce carbon emission by building energy efficient technologies which would be used in many aspects of the games. There is a prediction that the 2010 Olympic Games would produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions. The 2010 Vancouver Olympics played a significant role in boosting the economy, and preserving the sustainable environment. The Provincial Government of BC invested 600 million dollars on the Whistler highway. Also, Oregon and California signed economic and environmental deals with Canada.

The bottom line, is it appears that the 2010 Vancouver Olympic is going to be one of a kind. It is going to contribute to green and sustainable environment, and boost the fragile economy.

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The Global Warming Threat

On October 26th, 1975 the Global Warming Threat started, when “the North Carolina conference, which took place…was co-sponsored by two agencies of the U.S. National Institutes of Health: the John E. Fogarty International Center for Advanced Study in the Health Sciences and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.”1 Dr. Margaret Mead attended the above function as a key speaker, who was a scholar in the field of anthropology.2 Dr. Mead was concerned about rise of population, and its impact on the limited natural resources, she came to conclusion that certain action needed to be taken in order to stop humankind from destroying the earth, she adopted post-Hitler eugenics doctrine under new version of conservation and environmentalism.3 Dr. Mead and some other scholars came to conclusion that the earth was facing global warming which received a warm reception from public in the US due to cultural revolution of 1970’s,4 and the theory of global warming caught attention of scholars and thinkers as they joined the crew of the global warming as a threat to humanity,5 and published books, researched articles, speaking in university campuses, and appearing before special committees that how fossil fuels were causing air pollution which would have detrimental impact on quality of human life.

In December 2009, one individual or certain individuals with their own agenda disclosed e-mails of scholars and thinkers about the global warming as a fake or hoax, and claimed the theory of global warming had political motive like concept of global governance or how a government would tax public on area of air pollution. However, there was one undeniable key issue on horizon to ponder that fossil fuels would pollute the air, and had detrimental impact on quality of human life; such as, “acid rain (or acid deposition, as it’s called in technical circles) is produced by the burning of fossil fuels. It is formed when emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides react in the atmosphere with water, oxygen and oxidants to form various acidic compounds. These compounds then fall to the ground in either wet or dry form. Acid rain acidifies lakes and streams and contributes to damage of trees at high elevations. (Check out Mount Mitchell in North Carolina if you want a graphic example of tree damage.) Hundreds of lakes in the Adirondacks have become too acidic to support sensitive fish species. In addition, acid rain accelerates the decay of paints and buildings. Electric power plants account for about 70 percent of sulfur dioxide emissions about 30 percent of nitrogen oxides emissions. Cars, trucks and buses also are major sources of nitrogen oxides.”6 The air pollution would undermine health of “young children and elderly people often suffer more from the effects of air pollution. People with health problems such as asthma, heart and lung disease may also suffer more when the air is polluted. The extent to which an individual is harmed by air pollution usually depends on the total exposure to the damaging chemicals, i.e., the duration of exposure and the concentration of the chemicals must be taken into account.”7 As a result, “the combustion of fossil fuels include sulphur dioxide , nitrogen oxides, ground level- ozone, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds including benzene, some heavy metals and a number of other pollutants. These pollutants are a result of the use of air, which is composed of nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (21%), in the combustion process, as well as the presence of complex hydrocarbons, additives, and impurities such as sulphur within the fuel. Many more pollutants are released when engines are not tuned or working properly.”8

The bottom line, it is proven scientifically by burning fossil fuels, it pollutes the air, and toxic materials from fossil fuels would mix with rain, and begins to damage environment due to negative side effect of toxic materials or human would become victim of air pollution by inhaling it. Once again, humankind needs to develop clean source of energy for a better and bright future for everyone.

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The Remedy for Air Pollution in British Columbia

The beautiful Province of British Columbia (B.C.) is surrounded by the splendid Rocky Mountains. B.C. is located on the North Pacific Ocean which makes this province an ideal spot to live because of it’s modest climate. However, there is another reality for inhabitants of the British Columbia which is caused by air pollution, and this has a direct effect on the quality of life for many residence of B.C.

There are internal and external factors which are contributing to air pollution in B.C. The internal factors are rooted within the Province; such as, automobiles, trucks, marine vessels in coastal waters, agricultural such as manure spreading equipment, and home heating appliances. The external factors are rooted in the Province of Alberta. External factors include things such as volcanic eruptions from Mount Saint Helen, which is located in the State of Washington in the US. Mount Saint Helen releases different gases which are contributing to air pollution in B.C. Obviously, air pollution has no boundary, and it would travel from one place to another place, which is effecting everyone. Despite, all the above bad news, there are good news about the air pollution in the B.C. On August 06th, 2009 Honorable Barry Penner inaugurated “Wind Power” clean source of energy in the City of Dawson Creek. These “Wind Powers” generate electricity for 38,000 residences, and provided employment opportunities for First Nations, and creating vibrant rural economies.1

As a result, there is a need for more human intervention in environmental issues in order to reduce the degree of air pollution, which is the primary goal of Eco Trek Tours Society by educating youths about environmental issues so that they can learn, think, and act clean and sustainable environment.

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The Environment is Everybody’s Business


The Environment is Everybody’s Business

The environment is everybody’s business and should not be limited to altruistic individuals who are acting as crusaders for sustainable environments, as it appears corporations are joining environmental non profit organizations in attempts to disseminate how to have a sustainable environment though educating their clients. In August 2009, American Marketing Association awarded B.C. Hydro for encouraging residences to consume electricity wisely by unplugging cell phone chargers when they are not in use.1 Consequently, 34, 000 clients of B.C. Hydro joined the Power Smart program.2 Interestingly enough, 70% of Canadians believe the environment is very important for them,3 and this 70% comes from a diverse background of citizens. Despite, the above numbers which illustrated Canadians are moving towards being environmentally sustainable, more work still needs to be completed because global warming, and climate change is still not at the top of the list for many Canadians.4 Hence, environmental non-profit organizations like Eco Trek Tours would play a significant role for fostering environmental awareness by using current educational systems to educate students from grade 4 to 12 about being environmentally sustainable. As these young individuals learn valuable knowledge about the environment, these future generations are be able to transfer their knowledge to their parents.

As a result, the environment is everybody’s business, and it is not just about the responsibility of one segment of a society to raise awareness about environmental issues. It appears that more and more Canadians want to have a sustainable environment, and this could be happening by educating young people on how to treat and preserve their local natural environment.


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Eco Trek Tours

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Eco Trek Tours
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EcoTrek Tours is a non profit organization comprised of a group of dedicated and informed individuals committed to creating interactive learning opportunities in environmental education for elementary and high schools throughout the Lower mainland.

Our vision is to make environmental education more efficient and effective by engaging the youth with local initiatives in the community. Instead of creating another educational program, EcoTrek Tours connects existing educational outreach programs to schools. By working with schools and the organizations, we hope to create relevant and informative tours that meet the highest standard of education.
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100-736 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1G3
Vancouver, BC

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New Volunteer Job Descriptions


Eco Trek Tours now has a variety of exciting new volunteer positions available! Please email for further information!

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